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Hosting Images in Blogger

This is my personal favorite way to host images.  Why? Because it is right there on your blog, no additional account needed!
Step #1:  The first thing that you need to do when hosting images on Blogger, is to Make a New Post.
Add a New Post in Blogger
Step #2:  Add the image(s) that you need to host in your post.
Add Your Images
Step #3:  Change your Image to Original Size.
Change Your Image to the Original Size
Step #4:  Now you need to switch the the HTML Mode.
Switch to HTML mode in Blogger Post
Step #5:  Find the direct link to your image in your HTML.
This is what your image HTML will look like in a blogger postthe text that is Highlighted is your direct link (image url)If you would like to check to see if your image is correct.  Open a New Window or Tab in your Web Browser, and paste the direct link code there.  If it is not appearing, check to make sure that you selected the right url, and make sure that you did NOT select the quote marks.
Paste Image URL into a new browser window
So that’s it!  Now you can just save your post as a Draft, you do NOT need to Post it :)
Save and Close Blog Post
source: makincuteblogs

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